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Bronco Bimini Sun Shade features
and customer photos 

Bronco Bimini Sun Shade Now featuring 3 Custom Fit Versions 

  • Soft Top Only

  • Hard Top Only

  • Dual Top (for those who switch between a hard and soft top)

  • Bronco Raptor

Bronco 6G Bimini Sun Shade | JTops
Ford Bronco Bimin i Sun Shade | JTops
Ford Bronco sun shade, Bronco top
Ford Bromco Bimin shade top JTopsusa

JTopsUSA Products are Proudly Made In The USA 🇺🇸

Ford Bronco Mesh Sun Shade
Ford Bronco Mesh  Bimini sun shade JTops
Ford Bimini sun shade, Bronco shade top
Bronco 2 Door Bimini Sun Shade
ford Bronco sun shade top Bimini by JTops
Ford Bronco Bimini sun shad top jtopsusa
 Bronco Sunshade Logo, JTops
Ford Bimini mesh sun shade top
Joe L
"Just installed! It is such a great shade!"



• Once installed under your Ford Bronco soft or hardtop  it never has to be removed.  

• For the soft top version removal and reinstallation of the side soft top hardware bracket.

​• For the hardtop version the pannel plate needs to be removed and installed.   ​

• Total Installation Time: 15 -20 minutes including removing/replacing the brackets.



Full style and coverage — With the JTopsUSA Ford Bronco Sun Shade you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort inside your Bronco.  Our shade never has to be removed and can be left on under the Bronco's soft or hard top.  This full-coverage mesh sun shade conforms to the curvature of the roll cage, providing edge-to-edge and front-to-back coverage. It’s also blocks 80-90% of the UV rays, so you and your Bronco’s interior are protected from exposure to harsh outdoor elements.


Flap-free ride — Our Ford Bronco Sun Shade system features a heavy-duty webbing system to mount the shade top on your ride. This mesh sun shade sits on top of the roll cage and has been tested to withstand 85 mph highway speeds.


Mounting Features: 

• The front edge of the shade incorporates our patented arched nylon strip that folds back to allow access to the top mounting hardware. (See Pics Below)


• The front of the shade also has a series of simple mounting hooks and magnets to provide a tight fit to the windshield, eliminating any gaps that could let in the sun and wind.


• The sides of the shade incorporates a series of Neodymium magnets and exclusive 3M VHB acrylic hook and loop that wraps over the roll cage. The hook and loop stretches the mesh and keeps the magnets properly aligned. (See Pics Below)


• Each of the 6 Neodymium  magnets are N-48 commercial grade and have a pulling force of 12 pounds each.  They provide a strong bond to the roll cage while the hook and loop material provides added lateral tension to stretch the shade tight.


• The rear of the shade wraps over the roll cage and provides front to back tension to stretch the shade into place. The rear UV resistant nylon strap system uses a two stage compression and quick release buckle that are attached to a horizontal aluminum rod providing even tension across the rear. (See Pics Below)

 Bronco Sunshade Logo, JTops
Ford Bronco bimini sun shade top
Nylon front strip eliminates gaps at the windshield and keeps the sun and wind at bay
Bronco hardtop over shade

Bronco hardtop over shade

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Fold back to access mounting flanges
JTops Ford Bronco mesh top
Rolled webbed reinforced edges for complete coverage and seamless look 
JTopsUSA Ford Bronco Sunshade
Full interior coverage with no zippers or obstructive metal rods 
Ford Bronco Bimini Top
Seamless streched mesh sits on top of the roll cage
Bronco 2 Door Sun Shade
2 Door hardtop bracket and zipper access to latches and hardware 
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