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JTops vs The Competition
Nothing fits or performs on a Ford® Bronco 6G like a JTop

We took 10 years of creating great Bimini mesh sun shade tops for the Jeep and applied what we learned to the Ford Bronco...
This is the result!

DubC Bronco Forum Member...
Just finished installing the JTopsUSA Bimini top and yea…
Hands down the best Bimini top for the Bronco!
I had one of the other ones and it’s not even close. Then, I almost pulled the trigger on another brand before I noticed it had a gap around the whole perimeter. Did a little more research and came across @j.topsusa Bimini top on the Bronco6G forums and knew it was the one.
100% full coverage, barely flaps at high speeds, and no straps flapping all over the place. If you’re in the market for a Bimini top, this one’s a no-brainer.
Ford Bronco Bimini Sun Shade by JTops
Ford Bronco Mesh Sun Shade by JTopsUSA
David from Arkansas,
Installed mine today. Probably took an hour, but I was taking my time. Took it for a test drive with the kids. No complaints of sun in the eyes or wind messing up their hair.
One of the best mods I have done so far.
Ford Bronco Bimini mesh sunshade by jtops
ford bronco  bimini sun shade by JTops
Mike from Texas,
Installed the JTops Bimini this weekend. Install was pretty straight forward. I was glad to find out that they had eliminated the extensions that cover the speaker boxes. I think the change is a much cleaner look. Luckily had a super nice day yesterday to install and give it some test miles before having to close it up for rain the rest of the week. I went with the titanium.
Just received my Bronco Shades by Jtopsusa for my wife’s Bronco. Took me about 20 minutes or so to install. There are at least 3 other Bimini/Shade tops on the market that I know of, and none of them compare. You can tell Mike and his crew really put some R&D time into these. You can leave it on and still flip the soft top up, or take it completely back off in about 5 minutes if you want that full sun. So awesome.
Ford Bronco Bimini Mesh Sun Shade Top_e
Ford Bronco Bimini Mesh Sun  Shade Top
Bronco Mesh sun  shade by JTops
Ford Bronco 6G sun shade, Bimini top
Ford Broco Bestop Bimini  Sun Shade VS JtopsUSA

You spent $60,000 plus on your new Bronco don't let the sun ruin it! Stay shady... 

Gearshade Ford Bronco mesh sun shade
Unedited copy from Chris A. San Antonio, Texas
I currently have the prototype of the J Tops USA Bimini on my four door Badlands soft top Bronco and it is awesome! They are making a couple of modifications before they begin full production. 

I am not financially involved in this company in anyway. They are just working with me as a customer who wanted a Bronco Bimini solution and wow have they delivered. Can't wait for the final version.

I previously owned the Bestop Bimini and I felt it was a terrible solution that felt like an afterthought, I am surprised they even rolled it out. Bestop's customer service was great in letting me return it after telling them I was not satisfied with the solution, so they deserve credit there.

The problems with the Bestop solution as a owner:
  • Terrible fit with gaps that let in sun
  • Noisy with poor buckles for straps and overall attachments
  • Putting it on is a hassle especially with the requirement to remove the speakers
  • Metal bar in the middle of the roofline with junky metal attachments that quickly become loose
  • I do not think it would be durable in the long run based on the materials I saw, but I cannot confirm because I returned it fairly quickly once I knew it was not a good solution.
  • My wife and kids did not like it
  • Felt like they were trying to make a solution for a hard and soft top, which I totally understand from of the economy of scale perspective, but it just didn't work
Here are my thoughts after a few days with the J Tops USA Bronco 4 door soft top solution:
  • Amazing customer centric service with dedication to quality. I never owned a Jeep but I heard a lot of Jeep owners swear by them which is why I reached out to them
  • Amazing fit with no gaps, nice tension, and no bar in the middle
  • Very small amount of noise at highway speed, but I need to re-tension it after it sat in the sun for a few days.
  • Putting it on was easy and I did not need to remove the speakers. I had to remove the top middle latch brackets you use for sunrider, but that took about a minute to take off and put on with the Bronco toolkit that came with our vehicles. It attached with:
    • Awesome straps with high quality buckles with attachment that leave nothing flapping in the wind, even had soft rubber under the straps that went across the roll bar to protect the paint, that is awesome!
    • Industrial magnets
    • Industrial 3M Velcro that ran along the top side
  • Durability: This material is stout along with all the stitching, I think it will hold up nicely
  • Looks awesome and like it was designed just for my vehicle, fit like a glove
  • Like the Bestop, it worked great when closing the soft top over it, no issues
  • Great at providing shade
  • The family loved it, especially my daughters
I have not owned any of the other solutions so I cannot speak for those. Also, I don't know what final pricing will be yet but I will gladly pay it based on my experience with Bestop.

Please don't ask me for photos, go to their site or Facebook since I am not part of this company, just a blessed Bronco owner. My heart goes out for all of your still waiting for one, I was a first night reservation holder. The Bronco is worth waiting for, we love it.
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